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Kiwi Konark eBooks cover a variety of subjects — religion, music, various academic topics, Oriya recipies and many more. Each eBook is created or supervised personally by Acharya Dr Chintamani Rath M.Com., LL.M., Ph.D., who, apart from being a scholar, musicologist and musician, has been an enormously successful and respected educator for nearly a quarter of a century, with a repeatedly proven track record. For more on Dr Rath, see http://www.ragaculture.com.

Each convenient and utterly affordable eBook:
  • covers a specific and focussed topic
  • is carefully crafted to address your practical need in that particular topic
  • uses, where appropriate, multimedia like audio and video tools, including audio loops of endless repitition for you to practise along with
  • presents a graduated and progressive course of self-study that you can undertake at your own pace, at any time, anywhere, as long as you have a computer with you
  • adds greately to the value of your eCollection
Cost? — Yes, of course there is a cost involved. Would you give away your professional services for free? Surely not! So, neither do we. Someone who gives away his or her professional (as opposed to hobby) services is either desperate for publicity or is being financially supported by someone else. We are neither, and this is not merely hobby work for us. Please remember, even the great sages — Rshi, Maharshi and Muni (these are all different, but that's the subject of an independent eBook!) — of yore did not survive without financial support. They routinely went forth into the world to procure ordinary necessaries of life by providing their expertise, for which they would receive (whether asked for or not) fees in cash or in kind. In those days, people often (indeed, usually) gave without having to be asked. Nowadays, they do not. We hope you will not grudge the very nominal fees we have set on these eBooks, in order to recover our costs (e.g. software costs, internet costs, agency fees & taxes, to name a few) and leave a small percentage for our own endeavours — the result of decades of painstaking study and work that we distill and bring to you for your easy use. Thank you!

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(those having a thumbnail image against their names are already published, the others are in the making)

eBook #1

Shiva Taandava Stotram – a practical tutor for chanting this powerful hymn.

The particular nature of this marvellous Stotram (hymn) is such that its full glory is realised not through singing or music but through chanting. The internet is full of many different versions of this Stotram being sung, set to various musical beats and even (horror of horrors!) jazzed up with Bollywood style monstrosities of sound. The unfortunate result is, to cite but one example, the form takes over and the content – the substance – is completely lost. That makes it a collection of sounds (yes, even the words become mere syllables or sounds: they no longer remain meaningful words, because neither the singer nor the listener knows or understands their meanings) by the ignorant, of the ignorant, for the ignorant. How else will you describe places where the singer raises his or her voice and pitch, and the instrumental accompaniment reaches a frenzied crescendo, as if hammering poor Lord Shiva with a great big stick, when the words in that passage really convey a meaning of self-surrender and prostration to the Lord?

This eBook, created by a scholar musician, recognises the Saattvika chanted power of the hymn as opposed to the Taamasika and (to the knowledgeable) counter-productive musical rendering that seems to be fashionable in this day and age. There is no evidence to support that the great scholar Ravana, the creator of this Stotram, ever meant it to be sung in modern Bollywood style. Indeed, this is a Stotram, which by its nature is not a Geeta (or "Geet", as popular pronunciation in parts of India has it)! A Stotram is chanted, a Geeta is sung. This is the Shiva Taandava STOTRAM. Please do not make it the Shiva Taandava "Geet"......

Follow and practise the easy steps in this eBook to master chanting Ravana's celebrated and powerful Shiva Taandava Stotram. In this unique eBook, the 15 verses of the full Stotram have been broken up into little bite-sized sections. Each little bit is explained and chanted separately for you to copy and practise. After completing the full course (in about 16 weeks – a verse a week – you will be able to recite, for the enjoyment and upliftment of yourself and your listeners, the full Stotram.

Click here for a sample (607KB, 38 secs.) of two verses of the the second of the two versions of the final chanting given at the end of the eBook, so you get an impression of the chanting you will be capable of at the end of your practise. Oh, and of course you will appreciate its meaning as well – that too is explained in the eBook.

(39 double pages, 81 sound files, 28.2MB)

[Australia: AU$9.99; European Union: €5.99; UK: £5.49; USA and all other countries: US$8.49]

Click here to download. (Double click or better still, right click and use the "Save Target As" option)

eBook #2

  • The Spectrum of Hindu Texts

    eBook #3

  • Sanskrt Pronunciation

    eBook #4

  • Mahaa Mrtyunjaya Stotram

    eBook #5

  • The Sanskrt "Contamination"???